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The Emerald Bay Ambassadors are an elite group of past participants and staff alumni who introduce our program and facilities to units who have never come to camp before, and help those units prepare for their first trip to Emerald Bay. Ambassadors are passionate about camp and share our mission and drive. They can conjure up the majestic cliffs and awesome power of the ocean with descriptions of their own experiences at camp. They can answer questions about War Canoe, Rugged Adventures, and the various areas of camp that make Emerald Bay the one of the nation’s top-tier camps.
We expect Ambassadors to promote Camp Emerald Bay at Troop Meetings, where they deliver a PowerPoint presentation about camp and lead the troop in an activity that represents what we are about.

Ambassadors should deliver this presentation to their own troops, but even more importantly, they should deliver these presentations to other troops in their area that might not be familiar with Emerald Bay or have not considered coming. Promotion opportunities include displays at District Roundtable, University of Scouting, Merit Badge Midway, or any gathering of Scouts or other groups that would be interested in experiencing Emerald Bay. If you are not already in touch with local troops, try using these sites to find a local unit or contact your local council, but the best way to get in is to contact the Scoutmaster or SPL directly.

Feel free to use the materials below for presentations to units in your area to create excitement and buzz for camp, and make sure to fill out this google form after each presentation so that we can recognize those Ambassadors that do the most to bring Troops in.

To register as an Emerald Bay Ambassador, please fill out this quick form. Join the community!

After each presentation, please fill out this short follow-up form.

Thank you! Good luck!


Powerpoint Presentation