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Pennington Marine Science Center

Our Mission: To provide education, promote exploration and inspire conservation of marine ecosystems, emphasizing Catalina Island.  


What We Do

Our purpose is to educate, inspire, and help students of all ages build a foundation of conservation, stewardship, and understanding of the ocean and its denizens by exposing them to the underwater habitat of Catalina. Approximately 8000 students, parents, scouts, teachers, and adult leaders visit the Pennington Marine Science Center every year. Established in 2004, the center continues to grow and pursue new areas of  education and conservation as well as to expand our outreach to the local and regional community.

The center features a 6,000 gallon seawater system which supports 20 exhibits that showcase the unique life and habitats found in the waters of Catalina. Animals such as mantis shrimp, jellies and the two spot octopus delight and inspire our guests. In addition, the Center's multi-purpose rooms such as the Ocean room, the Benthic room and the Plankton Lab are used to teach students about the ocean and it's various inhabitants.

Marine Science Education and Aquarist Internships

Interns learn about and assist in the husbandry of temperate marine fish and invertebrates, maintain the appearance of exhibits, monitor the life support systems, perform exhibit interpretation, as well as participate in the accessions and deaccessions of specimens for the collection. We conduct multiple dives each week and interns have the opportunity to gain hands on experience operating small boats. Interns will also receive training as PSI-PCI Fill Station Operators, Cylinder Hazmat Handling and Divers Alert Network (DAN) Diving Emergency Management Providers. These skills can be marketed to a number of organizations and businesses such as public aquariums, research groups, aquaculture production facilities, aquarium service businesses, and the ornamental fish trade including retail and wholesale production levels.



Summer 2018 Internship Application Instructions

Spring and Fall 2018 Internship Application Instructions