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About our Facilities

Program Areas

This Camp Map will show where the different Program Areas are located.


The most memorable part of camp- the waterfront. Emerald Bay's waterfront is made up of many canoes, rowboats, kayaks, and motor boats. In addition, our new Gregory Schem Pier extends over a fantastic swim area, lifeguarded by our trained staff.

Merit Badges on the Waterfront include: Canoeing, Lifesaving, Motorboating, Rowing, Small Boat Sailing, and Swimming. We also offer BSA Awards like: BSA Lifeguard, Snorkeling BSA, and Mile Swim BSA.

Field Sports

The summer season allows for a full-time field sports staff to instruct Scouts and Scouters in the Archery, Rifle Shooting, and Shotgun Shooting merit badges. Additionally, our certified staff offers an NRA qualification program for more experienced shooters. The Field Sports Director can give you more information about this program during your week at camp. Additionally, free-time shooting is available during fourth session, though priority is given to Scouts working on merit badge qualifications.

Pennington Marine Science Center

the Pennington Marine Science Center contains recreated ecosystems that feature over 70 different species of animals collected in our local waters.  Pennington Center exhibits include a kelp forest tank, rocky reef exhibit, surge tank, shark tank, moray eel tank, octopus habitat, invertebrate touch tank, and a plankton lab.  All marine science curriculum is supported by the full-time resident marine biologist. For more information about our Marine Center programs, please visit our Marine Science Initiatives page.

Merit badges at the marine center include Oceanography and Fish and Wildlife Management. We also offer the BSA Aquarist and BSA Oceanographer programs. These are not merit badges and are only available at Camp Emerald Bay.


The Handicraft Lodge is always a fun place to relax and let the creative juices flow. In addition to the Art, Basketry, Leatherwork, Pottery, and Woodcarving merit badges, the Handicraft Lodge is open during fourth session for anyone to come by and work on a craft project. Our Handicraft instructors are happy to assist in any way they can. Project kits can be purchased in the Ship's Store.


Camping, Orienteering, Pioneering, and Wilderness Survival merit badges, as well as Totin' Chip, Fireman Chit, and First-Year Rank Advancement are taught in the Scoutcraft area. Located in the middle of camp,the Caldwell land ship serves as our home base for all Scoutcraft programs.


The Nature area is located in the far end of backcountry. While some Nature area merit badges meet in other locations throughout camp, this spot is where you will most likely find the Nature Director or a Nature instructor to help you with something Nature-related. Merit Badges include Astronomy, Energy, Environmental Science, Geology, Mammal Study, Nature, and Soil and Water Conservation. We also offer the BSA Naturalist program, which is not a merit badge and only offered at Emerald Bay.


For more information about Emerald Bay merit badges and awards, you can download the Merit Badge and Award Packet here, available in December. 


Tent Campsite Housing


When you and your troop come to camp, you will stay in one of our many two-person army style wall tents. Each tent is secured onto a wooden platform and contains two cots and two mattresses. The tents are divided into campsites, and will be inspected for cleanliness and damages at the end of your stay. In order to allow more people the opportunity to attend Camp Emerald Bay, your troop may share a campsite with another unit. Your understanding and cooperation with this is greatly appreciated. 

Dining Hall

The Emerald Bay Dining Hall feeds and sits about 800 people at one time, with seating both inside and out. The newly remodeled facility is great for socialization and coffee in the early morning, as well as relaxing with a good book or merit badge homework during downtime. Each meal will begin with program announcements in front of the building by our Dining Hall Manager, who will admit your troop.

The Helm

The Helm is where most, if not all of the adult leader meetings and trainings will take place. Located directly across from the Dining Hall, adult leaders' first stop at camp will be here, where they will receive information from camp management about the coming week.

We appreicate all adult leaders' committment to Scouting, and understand that some working parents require the need for internet services during your week at camp. The Helm has three to four computers available for use by adults only, as well as additional ethernet ports if you would like to connect your own laptop. Emerald Bay does not have wireless internet access, so please bring your own cable.  

Bathrooms and Showers

Access to clean faciltiies and running water are necessities in today's day and age. Emerald Bay has flushable toilets and separate bathroom and shower units for adults, youth, and females.

Ship's StoreShip's Store

At our ship's store you can purchase camp memorabilia such as bottles, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and lock back knives to take home and remind you of your stay on Catalina Island. Our Ship's Store also has a variety of tasty treats for you purchase and enjoy. If you aren't sure what to bring and what to leave at home, you can download our recommendations here.