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May Newsletter 2013


  • Summer is coming! Make sure you have read through your Camp Leaders Guide to prepare.
  • Visit your local Scout Shop on May 18th to prepare for summer Camp. Shops will have packing lists, a chance to meet the staff and ask last minute questions, and seminars that will prepare you for camp. The Scout store will also give a $20 gift card for each purchase of $100 or more.
  • Leader’s Guides are available for all Camp Josepho Programs. Check them out to answer your questions about these brand new programs or to see what will be new in store for 2013.
  • Registration is still open at Emerald Bay, Whitsett and Josepho
  • Like Emerald Bay and Whitsett on Facebook!

Whitsett "Gets Some Work Done"

Camp Whitsett is in the midst of a major facelift in anticipation of a highly anticipated summer. Two new storage sheds in the Scoutcraft area will replace the post-apocalyptic -rusty-bus shells that used to house the program equipment. A new storage shed is also in the works for the Pathfinder program and a new fence at the Waterfront will keep things looking fresh and clean. But the most ambitious project of this spring, however, is the refurbished nature lodge, which will have indoor exhibits on the natural history of the Sierra Nevada and the cultural history of the region as well as outdoor classroom spaces for Environmental Science, Weather, and Astronomy. Designs are in their final stages for the murals that will depict local fauna, constellations, and natural cycles to guide campers working on their badges and learning about the unique ecosystem of the Sierra National Forest. Make sure to compliment Whitsett on her “new look” while you’re up there this summer—a lot of work went into it. Like us on Facebook to see photo updates as they crop up!

Cub Day Camp Makes Entertainment Pros

Camp Josepho will be hosting the most exciting Cub Scout Day Camp yet this summer with its three weeks of entertainment-themed camp programs. Week 1 (June 24th-29th) takes Cub Scouts “On The Set” of classic films. Campers will do special effects activities like rear projection, slow motion, or simulate western shootouts as well as activities, recipes and crafts from their favorite movies like Harry Potter and Wreck-It Ralph. Week 2 of Camp will be “Animation Nation,” which will invite campers to inhabit cartoon worlds like Bikini Bottom and Metropolis and learn to make their own Claymation and Stop-Motion animations. Finally, Week 3 is about “Living your favorite Video Game.” Scouts will do life-sized recreations of the games like Angry Birds, Tetris, Battleship, and Tetris in the outdoors. Best part of all, parents, is that we have hired a professional shuttle service so Parents can opt out of navigating the Josepho entry road every morning and afternoon. Summer is coming quickly, so register now for one or all three weeks of camp.

Whitsett Memorial Day Pack Campout Filling Up

There is still some space for Packs to join us at Camp Whitsett for a kickoff to summer, but time is limited so make your reervation soon. This campout is an opportunity for the entire Pack to enjoy the facilities, program, and location of Camp Whitsett exclusively with other Cub Scouts and their families. The camp will staff BB and Archery ranges, Boating and fishing for all participants, and Cub Scouts will be able to cheer their parent’s on as they engage in High Adventure activities like High Ropes courses and Shotgun shooting. The weekend is capped at 350 participants to ensure that each Pack can stay in its own campsite and have a Pack bonding experience while participating in wider activities and Intra-Pack competitions. Cost is $95/camper and $55/child under 5 (bring the whole family!). Details and registration are available now!

Local Scout Uses Scuba Skills in Eagle Project

Brandon Solursh, who has been a member of the Camp Emerald Bay staff for the last three summers, led a beach clean-up at the Malibu Pier last weekend for his Eagle Project. Brandon had partnered with Heal the Bay and Malibu Divers to recruit divers and beach goers to pick the trash that accumulate above the surface and below the surface of the popular beach before the summer rush. A large part of his project had involved organizing several groups of divers to do an underwater cleanup that targeted debris, litter, or items that would have been washed out from shore, which meant that Brandon had to line up SCUBA refresher trainings, professional supervision, and rental equipment donations for those divers who would be taking on the submarine wing of the project. When the day of the project arrived, however, Brandon faced a tough choice: water visibility at the site of the cleanup was close to 0 feet, meaning that the divers that had trained to participate in the cleanup would not be nearly as effective and might not be able to participate safely. “South swells were picking up on the day of the event,” says Brandon, “putting the dive portion of the project in jeopardy.” Brandon knew that although he had put many hours into planning the dive portion of the event, he could not proceed if there was a chance that his volunteers would be unsafe. “I wasn’t prepared for the news and it was a tough decision, but I knew what the responsible course of action would be. I called the volunteers and told them that we would proceed with Plan B, in which they helped with the beach portion of the cleanup.”

Recipe: "Mass A-Peel" Campfire Muffins

This recipe is a fun and easy activity for a Cub Scout Den Meeting or Pack Campout. All you need for this cookout activity is a package of muffin mix, whichever flavor you prefer—blueberry, chocolate, bran, or lemon poppy seed—and oranges to turn into impromptu muffin tins.


  • 1 Package Muffin Mix
  • 3 Oranges
  • 1 package blueberries/chocolate chips

Make the muffin batter following the instruction on the package in a mixing bowl, add Blueberries or Chocolate chips as desired. Cut oranges in half and scoop orange out of peels (Scouts can eat these oranges as a healthy appetizer while waiting for the dessert to cook). Pour Mix in Orange peel until close to level with the rim of the peel. Wrap in foil and put in coals, peel on the bottom. Cook 10-20 minutes, depending on heat. Enjoy with good company in the outdoors on a warm, summer day :) Courtesy of