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June 2013


10 Tips to Making Your Camp Experience More Comfortable

  1. Bring a bed sheet. It's a reality at camp that you will go to bed at some point sweaty, exhausted, and maybe even a little sandy. But a little fabric between you and a polyester mattress cover goes a long way to a good (rash-free) night's rest.
  2. A little rope can go a long way. It’s a versatile tool to help improve your campsite- it can be a clothesline, lantern hanger, backpack accessory or adults-only cordon.
  3. Waterproofing. Emerald Bay and Whitsett each have their unique water hazards. A pocho for the mountain and dry bag for the island will make you the smartest guy in the room when things go south.
  4. Wear your water shoes to all of your waterfront merit badges. Wet sneakers and sore feet aren’t the best way to start the week.
  5. Bring some spending cash.Want the daily dessert special or that cool branded souvenir from the trading post? Oh yes you do.
  6. Footware-it's what's inside that counts. Bring 7 pairs of socks to keep your feet (and tent-mate) happy.
  7. Bring a separate towel for bathing. Nobody wants to smell like the waterfront right after a shower.
  8. Bring an electric lantern (and extra batteries) to hang inside your tent. It's hard to read in the dark.
  9. Sunscreen and Chap Stick are lifesavers in the outdoors. Scouts who protect themselves from the sun have more fun than lobster-scouts.
  10. Take a seat. A camp chair can make downtime in your campsite infinitely more comfortable. And it's a fantastic leadership aide...

Emerald Bay Keeps Traditions Alive

Frequent Emerald Bay visitors know that the camp has developed many traditions over the 88 years it has existed since 1925. Every troop witnesses small rituals and traditions that grow slowly over time. Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the classics that you are sure to see this summer:

Neckerchiefs in the Rafters
Camp Emerald Bay has hosted troops from as far as Ireland and Japan over the course of its history, and there are many more troops that make Emerald Bay their home away from home each summer or over a regular rotation. Every unit that visits us can leave a neckerchief that will remain in perpetuity on the rafters of the dining hall, holding watch until they return. These neckerchiefs were removed for renovation in 2009, to the distress of many units who returned to find their neckerchiefs missing. But Emerald Bay is glad to announce that this summer, returning scouts can once again look up to find their troops’ neckerchiefs lining the ceiling in the new dining hall, a tapestry that recounts the 88 years of history. Read more...

OA builds Obstacle Course and Computer Lab for Josepho

Camp Josepho is gearing up for its biggest summer yet, and the Malibu Lodge (Order of the Arrow) has helped get the Josepho staff ready for summer by helping this weekend with two of the largest projects for Boy Scout Camp and Cub Scout Day Camp. For the Cub Scouts, the OA began building a life-sized Super Mario Obstacle course, complete with coin boxes, scrambling sections, swinging balls, and target throws that will challenge scouts far more than the most difficult Video Game level. The order of the Arrow also cleaned out and prepared the Bike Shop and Old Trading Post building for their new uses. Boy Scout Campers at Josepho will use the Bike Shop as a Robotics Studio, Soundstage, and Computer Lab for the Robotics, Programming and Game Design Cluster and the Cinematography Experience. Space is still available for any of these programs, but time is running out to join us for these innovative and brand new programs!

New Nature Lodge Dedicated at Whitsett


Last weekend, Camp Whitsett dedicated the Wolverton-Robbins Nature Educational Program in the newly refurbished Nature Lodge, which has been under construction since March. The revamped structure and program are dedicated to the memory of Camp Wolverton and Mike Robbins, and will become the home of a number of innovative and exciting exhibits and programs the focus on the cultural and ecological history of the Sequoia Forest. Read more...

Sweet Coated Yams

Prep Time – 30 min. (for coals)
Cooking Time – 45 min. (Serves 4)
*This can be cooked in just about any camp setting – in a pot on the camp stove, in a saucepan over a grill, or even by using your Dutch oven as a pot!

  • 2 large yams
  • 1 stick Butter
  • 2 tbsp. Brown Sugar
  • 1 tsp. Cinnamon

Cooking Instructions

  • Preheat coals or pot
  • Chop yams into small chunks or wedges
  • Melt the butter in your cooking dish
  • Add brown sugar and cinnamon to the melted butter, mixing well, until bubbling
  • Add yams, making sure they are generously coated, but still leaving butter in the bottom of the baking dish
  • Mix occasionally, cooking until yams are soft